Coach Ryan Stinar

Founder and Head of Player development

My name is Ryan Stinar. I am the founder, and head of player development at The Velo Farm. I am on a quest to throw 100mph, and fully recover from all of my injuries / surgeries that put my own playing career on pause. I am a young, 25 year old coach, who is passionate about developing baseball players of all shapes & sizes!  

I have acquired a copious amount of knowledge on injury rehabilitation, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and the mechanics/training of overhead athletes. Having to manage and rehab from injuries throughout my athletic career; I have extensive experience working with trainers, PT’s, and athletes at the highest level of competition.


High School - North Harford (MD)

- 3 Sport Varsity Athlete (Baseball / Basketball / Football)

- 2011 All County Quarterback 

- 2012 All County / All Metro Outfield + Pitcher

-2012 North Harford High Most Outstanding Male Athlete Award

-Batted .467 : 7-1 Pitching Record : 2.5 ERA : 3 HR and 25 RBI


College - Albany (NY)

- 2013 America East All Rookie Team

- Successful Collegiate Career, pitched over 100 innings in 3 years, 

cumulating a winning record on the mound, only to have had career

put on pause by injuries / surgery.




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Jack Stinar - Co-Founder

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Braden Stinar - Co-Founder

Our staff is dedicated to helping and developing each kid that comes to our farm. We will do everything in our power to help you reach your goals, and get the most out of your time with us!