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The Velo Farm is a one of a kind Baseball Club, located in Forest Hill Maryland. We operate as a private facility, specializing in the development of baseball players. We work with athletes of all ages and skill levels.


What We Do

We work with athletes in small groups or in private lessons depending on the time of year. We also offer online programs for athletes who are unable to train in person.


What Makes Us Different

The training environment at The Farm is unparalleled. When you are out here, you are off the grid. No distractions, just the sounds and the smells from nature that float through the air. Our unique setup allows you to break from your normal life routine, and drop into a flow state.


The Farm provides the structure to support a dedicated regiment but also the freedom to challenge your comfort zone. We support each athlete's success, but also provide them a safe place to fail, regroup and try again. 


The farm is just freeing, and that freedom breeds an edge and a grit to our athletes. One that allows them to push beyond the conventional boundaries of typical training experiences.


Interested In Training with Us?

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