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Summer Training Downpayment

Lock your spot in for our summer training program.

This payment will be deducted from your first month's dues. 

SummeR Training Group Programs

Our Group Training Program is the combination of strength training and position specific skill development. Whether you are a pitcher or a position player, our program is going to cover all the bases with your development.


Throwing, Hitting, Lifting, Arm Care, Mobility, we’ve got you covered. Athletes will be in groups of 10-15 players. This program is open to all ages, and athletes will be placed in age appropriate groups.

College Program : 4-6x per week

$715.00 Monthly

Varsity Program : 3x Per Week

$615.00 Monthly

JV Program : 2x Per Week

$510.00 Monthly

One Timer : 1x Per Week

$310.00 Monthly

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