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We get a zillion messages like this per week.


“Can you look at my mechanics?” 

“Can I send you a video of me pitching?”
“Can you give me some feedback on my arm action?”

Now you can take advantage of our Video Analysis services to gain more knowledge about how you throw, and where to start improving. 

Video Analysis

What you will receive - 

-Personalized video breakdown of your throwing motion.

-Side by side comparison & audio / comments on your mechanics.

-Drills & recommendations on how to improve. 



Video of your mechanics from the Behind View and Open Side View.


Behind View

Open Side

After you purchase your analysis, you will receive a follow up email with instructions on what to do next, and what we need from you. You will receive a link as to where to upload your videos, and once we get them, we will get to work on your analysis. After purchasing, you will receive your analysis within 7 days. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Fill out the form below if you have questions before purchasing! 

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