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Our Throwing Program is designed to help you improve your mechanics, build arm strength, gain velocity, and keep your arm healthy for the long haul. We take an individualized approach to coaching each thrower. We have helped countless athletes figure out their mechanics, and safely gain velocity. Not only will we teach you how to throw better, but we will help you improve / develop off speed pitches as well. The Velo Farm has developed some of the best arms in the state over the course of the last 5 years. You could be next! 



The Velo Farm Monthly Training Program is a unique blend of skill development, and strength & conditioning. This is a small group training program. The main goals of our program are to improve your throwing mechanics, build strength in the weight room, enhance your athleticism, and increase your throwing velocity. This program is also for position players as well, as we incorporate hitting & fielding practice into your personalized development plan. Each new athlete starts out with an evaluation by coach Ryan. After the evaluation, the athlete is given an individualized development plan, that is built around their goals & assessment findings. You are in a small group of other motivated athletes, who are working alongside you to accomplish the same goal..... get better, throw harder, get stronger, and get to the next level. The program is run by coach Ryan Stinar and other members of the Velo Farm coaching staff.



Work with Coach Ryan or a Velo Farm Coaching Staff Member in a 1 on 1 setting to improve your game. Sessions will focus on improving your specific needs as a pitcher or a hitter. Your first lesson will be an evaluation. First, we meet with you to go over your training goals. Then we perform a movement screen to assess your range of motion / flexibility. After that, we will get loose, and have you throw a bullpen, or take some rounds of batting practice. During your bullpen / hitting session, we will take velocity readings with our radar gun, and capture slo-mo video of your mechanics. You will meet with us after your bullpen to analyze your mechanics, and figure out the best plan to get better. The evaluation process is typically 1 hour long. Private Lessons are available year round. We offer 1 Hour or 30 minute lessons.

Call Ryan to sign up & learn more about our programs! 443-910-1997 

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